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Adrar N Infusen : The hope of Tamazight
Tamazgha declaration
dimanche 28 août 2011
par Masin

After reading the draft constitution drawn up by the National Transitional Council (NTC), we found ourselves confronted by one option : to condemn its disrespect, hostility and complete disregard shown for the Amazigh language, culture and identity. By ignoring the Amazigh language and culture, this draft constitution is simply a continuation of the Al-Qadhafi regime’s ideological orientation. Accordingly, we call on our Libyan Amazigh brothers to continue in their struggle in order to achieve their total freedom.
One again, the NTC has proved that it has lost its credibility and cannot be trusted. We express our total solidarity with our Imazighen brothers in Libya and we join them in their fight so that North Africa will cast off the Arab-Muslim yoke for good.

Notwithstanding this point of disagreement over a draft constitution which can be improved, we, as members of Tamazgha association, express our overwhelming joy for the glorious achievements of our brothers of Adrar N Infusen. Only six months ago, no one could imagine the freedom which is being enjoyed today by this region of Tamazgha. Today, the whole Adrar N Infusen is being completely liberated from the domination of the Al-Qadhafi’s regime whose troops have been defeated.

The Adrar N Infusen fighters and population are now engaging in another battle in which they stress the ancestral Amazigh identity of the country. The Amazigh language is flourishing and the Amazigh identity is a major part of people’s daily life. In fact the temporary institutions which have been introduced in a number of areas such as Ifran, Jadu, Lalut and Kabaw make Tamazight the language of work. The sight of the Amazigh flag flying on almost every building has also become part of the daily life.

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the Arab-Muslim yoke under which we have been living for centuries ? In any case, the 42-year-long domination by Al-Qadhafi’s regime is now over. Now the future is in the hands of the people who are determined to no longer live in another era of colonialism and subjugation. While they are enjoying their hard-won freedom, they will no longer accept to be subjugated to any kind of domination and marginalization.

It is with great joy that we have received the news that normal life is returning to the populations of Adrar N Infusen following the bombing and destruction carried out by Al-Qadhafi mercenaries against their towns and villages. In Adrar N Infusen, the populations are shaping their own destiny.

People in Adrar N Infusen are forming associations, teaching Tamazight and generating different structures in order to ensure the normal functioning of daily life. People are already planning out their future while they are savouring the joy of fully recovering their Amazigh identity. We are proud of them and we reassure them of our unwavering support. Today, Adrar N Infusen Imazighen proved that it is not impossible to enjoy freedom. What is important, however, is for them to continue their fight and not to be complacent : The pan-Arab and Islamist forces in Libya, and elsewhere, continue to constitute a threat to the Amazigh identity.

One thing is certain : The Libyan Imazighen are not willing to make any concessions with regard to the status of Tamzight in post-Al-Qadhafi Libya. They have taken up arms in order to get rid of this bombastic ranter who ruled the country with an iron fist for 42 years during which he stifled this region of the Amazigh homeland. They have also taken up arms in order to erase the remnant of the regime.

Being aware of their identity and eager to cherish their freedom, the Imazighen are summoning up all their strength in order to free themselves and to, finally, bring their suffering of abject humiliation and colonialism to an end as well as to recover the country’s Amazigh identity.

We seize this opportunity to urge all the Amazigh people in North Africa, Europe and everywhere in the world to stand by their brothers in Libya and to support them in their struggle. It goes without saying that Libyan refugees in Tunisia desperately need everyone’s support and solidarity. Meanwhile, we call for a strong condemnation of the Algerian state which is giving a helping hand to Al-Qadhafi and his regime. Failing to do so, amounts to complicity with the two regimes which subsist on each other.

Despite the fact that the path is scattered with traps, the Adrar N Infusen Imazighen have already taken a decisive step forward. So let us be on their side and help them in their struggle so that the wind of freedom will finally sweep through the whole of North Africa.

Paris, 20 August 2011.

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