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Tamazgha hails the fighting spirit of Libyan Imazighen
Tamazgha’s statement
mercredi 7 décembre 2011
par Masin

Tamazgha hails the fighting spirit of Libyan Imazighen

Tamazgha Takes note of the formation of the NTC’s interim government announced on 22 November by Prime Minister Abd-al-Rahim al-Kib. This government formation clearly indicates the extent of exclusion and marginalization to which the Amazigh people are being subjected by the NTC. For this reason we denounce the NTC and its discriminatory and racist moves and we reject this government which represents only those who appointed it.

Tamazgha supports the Libyan Imazighen position which they made public immediately after the formation of this puppet government. We reassure the Libyan Imazighen of our unwavering support. Imazighen are not willing to forfeit their freedom for which they paid a high price, that of their sons’ blood. Imazighen are determined to no longer be subjected to Al-Qadhafi-style practices and are vowing to fight to the end in order to lead a free and dignified life doggedly refusing to make any concessions which may jeopardize their hard-won freedom.

Tamazgha appeals to the international community to act urgently and to not let Libyans to sink into the dark tunnel of the NTC-concocted discriminatory and racist Arab-Islamist ideology. Rewarding racist, regionalist and abusers of human rights individuals with ministerial jobs is a strong sign sent by the NTC in the direction of the Amazigh people of Libya as well as in the direction of the international community after it had supported the popular uprising against the dictator. Are we going to accept to quickly return to an era against which we have fought with all our force only a few months ago ?

Through their struggle in order to lead a dignified life, it is the whole Amazigh people whom the Libyan Imazighen want to see regain their normal and legitimate place within the community of modern nations. For this reason we call on all Amazigh people of the world, particularly in North Africa, to express their support and solidarity with Libyan Imazighen.

Today, the Amazigh people of Libya provide us with a praiseworthy example of the struggle for freedom and for restoring the historic and legitimate rights of the Amazigh people in their homeland. It is high time for all the Amazigh people in North Africa and in the Sahel region to follow the example of the Imazighen of Libya to liberate themselves form decades of domination to which they have been subjected by the Arab-Islamist colonialism and discriminatory ideology.

Tudert i Tmazgha

Tudret i Tmazight.

Paris, 4 December 2011

- French version of the Statement

- Rassemblement de solidarité avec Imazighen de Libye à Paris

Some pictures of the manifestation of th December 4, 2011 at Tripoli

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