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Amazighs of Libya will not yield
lundi 28 novembre 2011
par Masin

Once again, the National Transitional Council (NTC) has displayed its shocking anti-Amazigh sentiments of which the foretaste was shown in August 2011. First by the draft constitution which highlighted the Arab identity of Libya subjected to shari’ah law. Then, during the libration of Tripoli when it had the nerve to order the Aamzigh fighters who liberated the capital to lay down their weapons in order to hand them over to the jihadist Abd-al-Hakim Bilhaj, who was hastily installed as Tripoli’s military commander. It is obvious that these NTC jokers did not expect the vigilance of the Amazigh who have been hardened by past experiences and who no longer accept to compromise their future by, once again, risking to live under a domination similar to that they have been subjected to for decades under the regime of Al-Qadhafi and that of the Sanusi monarchy.

The Libyan Amazigh people have just showed us that nothing can dissuade them from continuing their fight and their determination to no longer accept to remain under Arab domination. They did not face the barbarism of Al-Qadhafi and that of his mercenaries in order to surrender to the remnants of the regime which they have toppled. If those Libyans who describe themselves as Arabs are not ready to meet their demands, the Amazigh people will have no choice but to break away from those who continue to dream to subject them to their domination and who continue to show deep-rooted hatred and contempt for others.

Today, the Libyan Amazigh people are being confronted by another battle, a battle which is harder than the one they fought against Al-Qadhafi and his mercenaries. However, they are determined to achieve their objectives and to attain the noble ideals in which they believe.

What is being achieved in Libya is a lesson for all North African Amazigh people. The Libyan Amazigh people have shown us the way to freedom, and we must follow in their foot steps. Arab domination must come to an end so that the Amazigh people will be able to establish their sovereignty. It is out of the question that a gang of backwards deprive the ancient and original people of Libya of their freedom.


Spontaneous gathering in Tripoli on November 23, 2011 (Assays Ixafuren / Place of the Martyrs)

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