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In New York Imazighen express their solidarity with Imazighen of Libya
mercredi 21 décembre 2011
par Masin

It was a cold day all three places but many people braved the December weather and showed up at the rallies. They came to lend a hand to the Amazigh Libyans who are fighting to have a say in the new political landscape that is shaping up in their country. The new National Transitional Council has already shown anti-Amazigh tendencies. This is nothing more than a political game that uses fear (fear of the Amazigh) to cement the new Arabo-Islamist groups that are trying to grab power. The Libyan nationaly unity will be built on the ashes of the Amazigh. That is the goal here. This would be nothing but a continuation of the same old policy of anihilation of the Amazigh, as a people, a culture or a language that the longest reigning dictator has practiced.

As for fighting against the tyrant, the Libyan Amazighs did plenty of. They did so in the indifference of the rest of the country. When the entire country finally united to oust the mad man, the Amazighs did no hesitate a second. The fought valliantly and if it weren’t for them Gaddafi would not fall.

The Amazighs of Libya want to live in dignity. They want their identity and culture to be recognized ad they want to above all to particpate in a new democratic Libya. So they want to be fairly represented and have a say in what happens to them and to the country.

The North American Support Committee to The Amazighs of Libya, the Amazigh Cultural Association in America and the Berber American Community all joined hands to gather Saturday and Sunday to tell the world that the work in Libya is not done. Discrimination is still at work. Most of all to tell the Amazighs of Libya that we are with them and support their fight for dignity and justice.

By Hsen LARBI,

Reportage vidéo de Muhend Alili


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