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Statement by the Libyan National Amazigh Congress
samedi 26 novembre 2011
par Masin

Libyan Amazigh National Congress

By virtue of the formation of the new transition government announced by interim Prime Minister Abd-al-Rahim al-Kib, which is clearly based on an intentional exclusion and complete marginalization of the Libyan Amazigh people in Adrar Nafusah, Zwara, Ghadamis, Ubari, Ghat, Awjilah and the Amazigh of the south (Tuareg) who represent the main component of Libyan identity, a delegation representing all Libyan Amazigh people had been appointed to meet with Chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC) Mustafa Abd-al-Jalil on Wednesday 23 November.

Since the meeting ended in failure as a result of the NTC chairman’s failure to respond to the just and legitimate demands of the Amazigh people, the Libyan National Amazigh Conference - seen as the only legitimate representative of Libyan Amazigh people, which includes in its membership all local councils of the Libyan Amazigh - declares the following :

1 - To freeze all dealings with the NTC until it satisfies the just and legitimate Amazigh people’s demands which are :
A. To re-appoint the transition government by granting two sovereign ministerial posts to the Libyan Amazigh people ; and to enable the Amazigh to assume an equal share of ministerial portfolios on an equal footing with other Libyan regions.

B. To amend Article 1 of the 3 August 2011 interim constitution by making Tamazight an official language alongside Arabic.

2. To withdraw all representatives of Amazigh local councils from the NTC.

3. Not to recognize or deal with Al-Kib’s government because it is illegitimate and contradicts Al-Kib’s previous statements as well as the principles of the 17th February revolution.

4. To continue staging peaceful and democratic protests until the just and legitimate Amazigh demands are met.

5. We hold the NTC and Abd-al-Rahim al-Kib responsible for any historical ramifications as a result of this exclusion.

Tripoli, November 24th 2011.


Translation by M. S. Tahi

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