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Call to solidarity with Libyan refugees in Tunisia
lundi 25 avril 2011
par Masin

Adrar n Infussen, an Amazigh region located to the West of Libya is curently undergoing a massive exodus. This region has always expressed its opposition to Kaddafi’s regime, joined the war as soon as February and freed most of its cities :Gheryan, Qalâa, Kekla Yefren, Zentan, Jadu, Kabaw, Nalut.....

If this part of Libya endures continuouParis, April the 16th 2011s bombings from Kaddafi’s forces, just like the Eastern region, the ongoing war receives very little media coverage and NATO strikes mostly target the East. This could besides let the world think that this Adrar n-Infussen region supports Kaddafi.

Military strikes, pillaging of private homes, pollution of water wells, rapes…have led vulnerable people (children, women and the elderly) to flee to Tunisa.

For more than two weeks now, the Dehiba refugee camp (Tatawin area, Tunisia) which shelters these people has been facing shortages of food, drugs and blankets dispite the help of NGO on the ground and solidarity expressed by local people.

This is why our organization Tamazgha relays the numerous calls for help we have been receiving, especially from the Dehiba camp. We call for you financial support to contribute to the much needed emergency help delivery.
By means of this financial solidarity it is also some moral support that will be expressed to these people, at a time when they have to face distress in certain loneliness. It is in that spirit that we encourage all types of actions in support of these refugees.


Paris, April the 16th 2011

For more information, send us an e-mail at :


How to support Tamazgha’s action ?

-  By check

Send your check to the following address :

Tamazgha – « Action Libye »
47, rue Bénard – 75014 Paris - France.

Write your checks to "TAMAZGHA"
(Specify at the back of the check : "Action Libye").

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Transfer money to the following account.

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Titulaire du compte : Tamazgha – 47, rue Bénard – 75014 Paris – France

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