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Communiqué du Bureau politique du MNLA (anglais)
lundi 2 avril 2012
par Masin
Nous publions ci-après la version anglaise du communiqué du Président du Bureau politique du MNLA suite à la libération de l’Azawad.

On this great day, and in these historic moments in the life of the brave Azawad people during which the historic Timbuctu City was liberated - After the liberation of Kidal, Gao and the rest of the Azawad land - the political Bureau of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad congratulates the Azawad Liberation Army and all sons of the Azawad people on these great victories achieved by the blessed Azawad uprising.

O great Azawad people ! While we have carried out some of our duties in our liberation struggle, our main duty now is to protect our freedom and the achievements of our victorious revolution. Our duty is to achieve a great progress for the sake of the well-being of our nation and its liberation from occupation.

O great Azawad people ! The battle has not won yet. We need to have faith in ourselves and in our capabilities and to close ranks in order to realize our objectives.

What we want to tell the world is : The Azawad people are determined to fight for their independence from the ruthless Malian occupation, and to bring to an end more than 50 years of oppression, subjugation and killing. The Azawad people will continue to put up its heroic fight until the declaration of its full independence and the birth of the young Azawad state. The peoples of the region need to greet with joy this development which, no doubt, will be a factor of stability and prosperity in the Sahel region, contrary to what has been propagated by our enemies.

The National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad urges all the Azawad people, men and women, wherever they are, to return to the mother land in order to participate in the building of our nation, in managing our affairs and ensuring our security.

Finally, we salute the great Azawad people for their courageous struggle which began to bear fruit.

Head of the Political Bureau
Mahmoud Ag Aghaly.

Liberated Timbuctu 01/04/2012

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