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Evénement de Tripoli : Reportage de Press TV
samedi 1er octobre 2011
par Masin
Un reportage de Press Tv, en anglais, sur le rassemblement amazigh de Tripoli qui a eu lieu le mardi 27 septembre 2011.

Reportage de Press TV à Tripoli par Tamazgha_Paris

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  • Evénement de Tripoli : Reportage de Press TV 2 octobre 2011 02:59, par J.bahmad

    This is a brilliant report from Press TV. Compared to the usual staple of French TV reports about Amazigh issues in North Africa, this coverage is unbiased and very positive for Imazighen and our cause. I think this is also a wakeup call for Amazigh activists, especially those of us who live in the UK and other English speaking countries, to use this media readiness to talk about our history, culture and present. English not French should be the language of our transnational activism. Here in the UK, for example, there is a great will on the part of British people and media to cover Tamazgha and our secular alternatives for the future of North Africa after the so-called Arab Spring. I live in Scotland and to my knowledge there is just one radio programme (IMURIG on Leith FM broadcasting from Edinburgh every Thursday at 7pm) that can help UK audiences learn about our culture and struggle through music ; the presenter is a bright guy from Agadir, Momo, who has done so much alone already.

    I hope other Imazighen in the UK and the USA will learn something from his example. We should get together and build stronger ties with the media.